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  • JUST GYM FEE - Full Use of the Gym
    Month to Month Membership .......................................... $75.00 per month (plus tax) Or Pre-Pay Year Option .................................................................. $825.00 (plus tax) Month to Month Senior/HS Student ............................. $65.00 per month (plus tax) Or Pre-Pay Year Option .................................................................. $715.00 (plus tax) Memberships requires 30 days written notice for cancellation. New gym memberships are charged a one-time activation fee, which includes a one-hour gym orientation session with one of our Personal Trainers. Activation fee is $50 or $25 for Seniors/HS Students. NOTE: All fees subject to Hawaii Excise tax.
    We have FREE WEEK TRIALS available for you if you live or work within 35 miles of Waimea!! During your FREE WEEK you can work out in the gym, plus take all of our regular classes. Our staff and instructors can't wait to meet you!!
    Let's talk story. Contact us to discuss your personal fitness goals.
    Did you know that 70% of healthcare costs in the United States are preventable? The American Heart Association has reported that we lose $32 billion a year due to premature illness caused by cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. What does this mean for your business? Company benefits for providing a wellness program include lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism and greater productivity and morale. Returns on investment include double-digit decreases in sick leave, hospital admissions, disability days and per capita workers compensation costs. In fact, 86% of companies with more than 50 employees offer a wellness program, and 31% of employers offering disease management programs reported a positive return on investment. Five Mountain Fitness Center's Corporate Membership Program can be customized to meet the needs of your company and your employees to maximize health benefits and cost savings.
    ACTIVATION FEE: A $50 activation fee is charged to all new members excluding any promotions or corporate membership programs EFT OPTIONS: You can enroll with a credit/debit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. EFT deductions will occur between the 1st and 7th of the month for the current month. For example your deduction will occur sometime between Jan 1st and 7th and will cover your membership dues for the entire month of January. CANCELLATION: Cancellation requests must be done in person or in writing via mail, e-mail, or fax with 30 days notice. A signature and contact information must accompany all cancellation correspondence. Cancellation requests must be completed and approved before the end of the preceding month in order to avoid billing for the following month. Annual contracts may only be canceled under terms spelled out in the actual contract. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Can I cancel my membership if I am moving? Annual memberships may be canceled if you are moving, but we may request proof of your relocation. Month-to-Month memberships require 30 days written notice to cancel. I am pregnant, can I freeze my membership? Pregnancy would definitely be one of those situations where freezing your account would apply. As soon as you advise us, we will freeze the account from the following month on and look forward to your return, the addition of your new little one and being part of your post-partum fitness recovery. Where do my Activation Fees go and why do I have to pay them? The Activation Fee covers basic overall costs for processing and other incidentals.




  • Initial Complementary Gym orientation session 

  • FREE Parking

  • Use of full fitness center facilities; cage, main and cardio floors.



  • Individuals

  • Couples/Friends & Family

  • Students

  • Seniors

  • Seasonal/Visitors (Short-term)

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All members are allowed to bring in one guest to use the gym for one day each month.  Please note that all guests (including children) must complete our waiver before entering the premises. 

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